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Biohacking With Brittany

Biohacking With Brittany


Episode 110: Feel Better by Understanding How Your Fascia and Acupuncture Work with Douglas Bertram

Douglas Bertram, L.Ac., is the Founder of Structural Elements® and has 27 years of clinical experience treating patients with his proprietary combination of Chinese Medicine and Manual Therapy.

We talk about acupuncture and its benefits, fascia and why it's important for you, and two unbelievably simple biohacks that you should do which will change your life.


We talk about: 

08:45 - How Douglas started his Chinese medicine and manual therapy journey

11:20 - How acupuncture works

14:10 - Benefits of acupuncture

16:00 - Acupuncture and its effects on women’s fertility

19:00 - Acupuncture verses dry-needling

21:00 - Getting results with acupuncture

26:00 - The fascial system

32:30 - Signs that your fascia needs support

37:00 - Two unbelievably simple biohacks that will change your life

42:00 - The benefits of being outside




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