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There are several key elements that make Structural Elements® unique, one of the biggest being its approach to treating patients. While there are plenty of clinics that can treat the site of pain, (se)® knows that oftentimes, patients require treatment beyond that area to find lasting relief.

(se)® clinics collect full payment at the time of service, as operating on this cash-based model allows (se)® Therapists to treat the whole body as the unique, dynamic system that it is. Structural Elements® feels strongly about offering the best care possible, and when limited in a traditional insurance-based practice, therapists are restricted to the site of pain and may only treat areas that will be reimbursed by insurance.

Why does this work? Because (se)® treats the patient, not the injury! For example, (se)® Therapists often find solutions for lower back pain by treating the foot and ankle. The body functions kinetically, and the (se)® Method allows patients to be treated holistically rather than as a collection of parts. Plus, this method ensures payment at time of service, every time.

With a mission to help patients find lasting relief and achieve their (PB) Personal Best, it’s essential that (se)® can have the freedom to offer the best treatments possible to reach that goal. As a therapist practicing (se)®, you can feel confident that patients are receiving real solutions to keep them feeling healthy, allowing them to maintain wellness and achieve their active goals.

Wellness is a lifelong journey, and with such a unique and practical approach to treating and maintaining patient wellness, it’s no question that they’ll be coming back for more.

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