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Many physical therapy clinics are primarily focused on therapeutic exercise and the use of applied modalities (heat/cold, ultrasound and estim [electrical stimulation]). Our clinics are heavily focused on manual therapy. Every patient gets one on one time with our therapists in a private treatment room and receives individualized care.

Because we are a “cash-based” practice, we are able to treat the whole body as the unique dynamic system that it is, rather than being limited to the site of pain and restricted to only applying modalities that will be reimbursed by insurance. For example, we often find solutions for low back pain by treating the foot and ankle. We find solutions for foot and ankle pain by correcting the alignment of the pelvis.

Structural Elements® is more than a place; it is an approach to correcting compromised biomechanics. Because we can improve function, we have several patients whose primary goal of treatment is to improve athletic performance or to stay healthy.

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