The Benefits of Ongoing Care

People go to yoga class to relax, and to keep bodies limber and strong. We all know that going to the gym only three times won’t keep your beach body for long. We are living systems and require more good habits than bad to thrive. If our patients get injured, we can help them recover. However, Orthopedic Wellness is a journey not a destination. Once out of an acute flare, we recommend 2 treatments per month for preventive maintenance.

We take better care of our cars than our bodies! How often should you get your oil changed, rotate your tires and get your steering aligned? Well, the more you do - the longer you will be on the road! Orthopedic Wellness is achieved by keeping your joints centrated and your connective tissue viscoelastic. There are two terms I want to share:

Joint Centration: is a fancy word for a joint sitting in a neutral position, rather than being loaded at an end range. Literally floating in a supported position by the muscles and tendons.

Viscoelasticity: is when connective has both viscous and elastic characteristics. This allows tissue to adapt to stress and change shape instead of tear.

We must first learn what a balanced body feels like. Next, adopt good postural habits. Then actively strengthen weakness and lengthen tightness. Lastly, develop awareness of change. Should the feeling of balance fade, and good posture require more effort; than my friends…..It’s time for a tune-up!

At Structural Elements®, we pride ourselves on being able to solve problems. We like to think of ourselves as engineers, not just practitioners. We analyze each patient; measure where the bones sit and determine the source of compromise to structural integrity. We balance the body by changing the tension of the muscles and connective tissue; followed by adjustments to the joints. Our patients are encouraged to apply the treatment by returning to activity, putting better posture to work and taking inventory as efficiencies are restored. The results of our treatments are less pain and better performance. A continued maintenance program will help keep you at your best; Human Performance Refined®.

Douglas Bertram, L.Ac., MTCM, Owner



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