2021: Stand Out as a Holistic Manual & Movement Therapist

What Does it Take to Join the Future of Wellness?

Structural Elements® is not your ordinary wellness company – it’s a brand and wellness lifestyle that’s reinventing modern orthopedic healthcare.

Unlike traditional orthopedic businesses, (se)® operates on a cash-based model and incorporates a destination, an unlimited, holistic approach and path to improved and sustained care for anyone from elite athletes and amateurs to those seeking lasting relief, so they can jump back into the activities they love most. So, what does it take to join the future of wellness?

First and foremost we are an education company, teaching and mentoring therapists.  Beyond that we have opportunities for therapists to work in an (se)® branded clinic or even open their own with our support.

Therapists who are interested in these paths:

  • Want to go beyond typical tables and treatments to deliver the best orthopedic wellness care available
  • Desire to own or convert their own practice and are willing to be trained in or spread the (se)® method
  • Understand the (se)® mission and focus on treating beyond the site of pain or injury


 (se)® Therapist

Licensed physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, or even osteopathic physicians who are trained in the (se)® method and provide services to patients. 


(se)® Network Providers

Differentiate yourself from other practitioners. Learn a system of practice that leads to consistent results. Gain support and expertise in both your practice and business.

Our Practice Philosophy
  • We see ourselves as Body Engineers. We evaluate the human body according to its structural integrity.
  • We are of the pelvic school of thought and focus on healthy connective tissue as part of a balanced body.
  • We are cash based which allows us to treat the cause of dysfunction not the site of pain.  
Be Part of a Team

Join a network of other practitioners who are as passionate as you are. Benefit from resource sharing, and be part of a movement to enhance healthcare for practitioners and patients.  

Grow with Us

As you get involved with (se)®, you will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of race events, conferences and research and development. As (se)® grows, you could be part of a branded clinic as an owner, provider or even a regional developer!

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