Here's What Our Current Team Has to Say About (se)®

The Structural Elements® Community Shares How The Work Has Changed Their Lives

For more than 20 years, Doug Bertram, founder of Structural Elements®, has been helping people relieve chronic pain, treat orthopedic dysfunctions and find lasting wellness solutions. Throughout the journey, from developing (se)® to opening the first clinic and pursuing the franchising, Bertram has fostered plenty of meaningful connections along the way. He has built an extremely talented and well-rounded team that bring something different to the table. 

Each one of our therapists have been personally impacted by the brand, whether it be through Bertram, the treatment, the mission or all of the above. Learn about just a few of the many ways Bertram and Structural Elements® have impacted their lives.

What our current team has to say about working as an (se)® Therapist:

David Everhart, PTA, LMT

Everhart has been with (se)® for 6 years and he’s strongly passionate about being a part of the (se)® Team. ⁠

“I have never been a part of such an eclectic group of Therapists with different backgrounds that are all looking through the same lens. The proof is in the patient outcomes. I would recommend (se)® to any therapist looking to up their manual skills,” says Everhart. 

Kristin Murthy, MOTR/L⁠

Our newest (se)® Therapist and Occupational Therapist, Kristin states that “before being a Structural Elements® Therapist, I had worked for several years as a 'traditional' inpatient and outpatient therapist. I felt I was prevented from treating patients holistically due to the constraints of time and insurance companies. When I returned to therapy, I wanted the ability to treat with the care and time that my patients deserved and Structural Elements® has afforded me that opportunity”.⁠

Not only does she bring excitement and humor to the team, but she is now certified in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, which is a great addition to our many certifications.  

Luke Laga, L.A.c., Area Representative, Clinic Owner

Laga shifted his life 12 years ago to follow and study under Bertram as he developed what (se)® today, attracted to the way Bertram mapped the body in a format that could make fast, impactful changes on patients’ lives. A licensed acupuncturist, Laga has now been practicing (se)® for more than nine years and opened his own (se)® clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2017.

“I love tackling everyday health issues, and (se)® allows for that entry point to work with so many different orthopedic health problems to solve,” says Laga.

Jevin Boardman, LMT

Boardman is a Licensed Massage Therapist at the (se)® clinic located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He originally started practicing in an athletic club and even contracted with a professional NFL team.

"I was a therapist to whom Personal Trainers often referred over-trained clients. What I noticed missing was an effective methodology and philosophy that made my patient outcomes more consistent and lasting. Joining on as an (se)® therapist and Micro Franchisee provided that key, as well as a multi-disciplinary team that drives me to become a more skilled clinician," states Boardman. 

Kevan Creighton, ATC/LAT

Creighton brings a unique dynamic of being an (se)® therapist and an athletic trainer. Creighton states that "as an Athletic Trainer in professional sports, I had the ability to assist athletes in every aspect of their health and truly take care of them holistically. I have always had a desire to bring this ability to everyone else in my community. Becoming an (se)® therapist allowed me to do just that”.⁠

Eager to be a part of the (se)® journey? Click here to learn more about this opportunity and join the movement.



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