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Simply Walk The Talk Podcast


Episode 190: Achieve Your Body's Peak Potential w/ Douglas Bertram of Structural Elements®

Alignment, pain reduction, strength gains and more GET YOUR BODY MOVING BETTER!

On this episode, Josh chats with Douglas Bertram, CEO/ Founder of Structural Elements®. Bertram has 27 years of clinical experience treating patients with his proprietary combination of Chinese Medicine and Manual Therapy. He is an Educator, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur. His education includes a B.A. in Contemplative Psychology ( minor, Traditional Eastern Arts) from Naropa University, and a Chinese Medical Degree from Five Branches University. He has completed dozens of marathons, 50 and 100 mile ultra- marathons and 3 Ironmans. He spent several years in Outdoor Education as an Outward Bound instructor. His career is devoted to Human Performance in work, life and sport.

Experience a treatment that helps prevent future injury, improves your athletic performance and helps your day-to-day mobility.



Structural Elements® looks at the body differently. Through years of refinement, Structural Elements have created a treatment that addresses the cause of structural imbalances within the body. They listen to your goals and bring your body to a level of peak performance representative of your ability, age, and fitness level.


Structural imbalances cause alignment issues, pain, or reduced athletic performance. The therapists look at the body's global alignment, posture and balance in movement.






Connect to the wisdom of your own body with our affordable membership program.

You get the latest research and tools for managing stress, maintaining healthy connective tissue, pain management, corrective exercises, and so much more.


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