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The Structural Elements® Method Helps People Reach Their Personal Best

Structural Elements® is not your average wellness clinic. Filling a critical gap in the health and orthopedic care markets, the brand offers a transformative and therapeutic approach that focuses on how the body functions. Looking to bring this concept to more markets through franchising, Structural Elements® strives to develop long-term relationships with its patients and maintain a presence as an active, trusted business in the community run by passionate entrepreneurs.

Doug Bertram, L.AC., MTCM, the Founder and CEO of Structural Elements®, has been helping those plagued with chronic and acute orthopedic dysfunctions for more than 20 years. Doug has dedicated his life to developing a proprietary treatment method to assist people in finding approachable solutions to their chronic pain and unsuccessful treatments.

The Structural Elements® story goes back to 1995, when Doug started as a massage therapist focusing on athletic injuries. A seasoned athlete himself, with three Ironman triathlons and numerous ultramarathons under his belt, he recognized his own need for effective and ongoing treatment options for his orthopedic ailments. Operating on the fundamental belief that the body is a single unit, Doug developed a unique mapping technique locating patterns of focal adhesions in response to mechanical stress.

Personally sought out by his peers for his method, Doug tutored other students on the technique that would later be refined to become Structural Elements®. This proprietary treatment approach assesses and treats adhesions in connective tissue. Patients enjoy the benefits of acupuncture, dry needling, manual soft tissue manipulation, chronic pain relief and treatment for overall needs in helping them achieve orthopedic wellness.

The difference lies in the Structural Elements® method. The Structural Elements® system can be practiced by physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and osteopathic physicians alike. Eager to empower more therapists and help more people achieve their personal best.

Being a therapist at Structural Elements®, you get access to a proven system based on years of business and medical experience, plus comprehensive initial training, site selection and build-out assistance, distinctive image and interior design, group vendor savings and ongoing expert access. Dedicated to helping others reach their personal best, Structural Elements® knows you still got it.

Want to help your community achieve their personal best? Join the movement and learn more about the benefits of joining Structural Elements®.

Douglas Bertram, L.AC., MTCM



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