Grow as a Therapist with Support from the Structural Community

Structural Elements® Team Receive Support Every Step of the Way

With Structural Elements®, a team of experts is there to help you grow as a therapist and as a practice.  

If you are in solo practice you know this first hand, but even if you are in a group setting it’s oftentimes hard to feel comfortable getting the support you dream of. Because we see the body as a system in the (se)® framework and have therapists with vast backgrounds and practice areas, troubleshooting a patient situation with our network can lead to new possibilities to explore with a patient. The (se)® network is designed to be a place where you can view content, interact with other professionals and access tools to help grow your skills, your practice, or both.

(se)® was founded as an education company to provide therapists a common framework to view the body and effective treatment strategies for better outcomes. Since then, it has grown to offer opportunities for therapists to work independently in (se)® clinics as a micro franchisee and opportunities for clinic ownership. Whichever way a therapist comes to be part of our community, they will always be offered the best of who we are at our core, educators and supporters of people living a life with purpose and balance. When you are born to help others, it’s easy to ignore our own needs for connection and growth.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~Buckminster Fuller

Interested in learning about the support we provide? Click here for more information.


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